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  1. knotheadusc

    Wow, what a horrific story. As bad as my husband had it with his ex, at least he managed to leave the marriage with his career and retirement intact. Of course, he did end up losing his kids… but I imagine if they had gone to court, he might have had a similarly horrible outcome.

    It’s a travesty that judges allow these crazy women to perpetuate their abuse.

  2. by_the_sword

    Why is the man in the photo wearing the uniform of a Marine Corps Captain if he is supposed to be an Air Force Lieutenant Colonel?

    • Dr Tara J. Palmatier

      Hello and thank you for registering with S4M.

      The LtCol began his military career in the USMC. He transferred to the USAF Reserve in order to be home more frequently so he could protect his kids from his wife’s rages.

      Dr T

  3. winston smith

    Dr T,

    knotheadusc’s husband here. And I thought I had it bad. The judge may not have done her research though where it comes to awarding military retirement to Lt. Col. Kirk’s ex. I think the most DoD will honor is 50%, and then only if both parties were married for at least 10 years of the service member’s active duty time. Arguably though, all that means is that his ex can request DFAS send her 50% of his retirement directly.

    I made some tough choices so many years ago. Sometimes I regret not fighting for my kids in court, but it would have been an uphill battle that would have drained my already stressed finances and she would have still undermined my relationship with them when they weren’t with me. In the end, the best course of action would have been to listen to my instincts and not gotten involved with her at all. Uncanny–my guts have never lied to me. Not in war or peace.

    • knotheadusc

      Military retirement can be awarded whenever there is a divorce involving someone with a military career that will be entitled to retirement pay. But DFAS (military finance) will only pay ex spouses directly if they have been married for at least ten years and at least ten of those ten years were during active duty service. A judge could still say that the ex spouse has to pay the ex spouse part of their retirement… It just means that the retiree has to pay directly instead of DFAS. The laws vary by state.

      Thankfully, winston smith’s ex waived her rights to his military retirement. She was more interested in getting the family home… which she then proceeded to allow to go into foreclosure because she didn’t want to hire a real estate agent to sell it. This, of course, led to financial ruin for both parties, which thankfully we have finally recovered from. It took years, though.

      • Dr Tara J. Palmatier

        In this case, Judge Jackson seems to think “equitable distribution” mean Ms Kirk gets all the assets and Col Kirk gets all the debt. I’ve seen some unfair rulings, but this is truly nucking futz.

        • knotheadusc

          I totally agree. I am myself an Air Force brat and an Army wife and I don’t think it’s fair that military retirement pay can be turned into marital property. Retirement pay is, in essence, a retainer that the government pays to former service members. They can be called back to active duty after retirement if the government requires it; moreover, that pay is often hard won in war zones. When the service member comes home from a war zone, he or she may not be the same person.

          While I do have a lot of empathy for military spouses because it can be very difficult to keep a career going when you’re married to the military, I do think that there needs to be more discretion applied to how retirement pay is awarded to ex spouses. I really don’t know why my husband’s ex decided to forego his retirement since she took just about everything else. Maybe she thought she was being benevolent. Or maybe she figured he’d eventually come crawling back to her.

          This particular case is truly disgusting… especially that bit about “selling the kids”. I look forward to your next installment about this. I agree that Judge Jackson must have gotten her law degree from a diploma mill.

    • Dr Tara J. Palmatier

      I don’t think research, the law, justice or reality, for that matter, are Judge Lori Jackson’s strong suit.

      I will be covering more detail’s of Judge Jackson’s utter disregard for the law re” the Col’s retirement in my next article, which should be posted early next week. It’s revolting.

  4. TheGirlInside

    Judge Jackson should be disbarred (or disrobed?). Is she up for election? Is anyone running against her? Have any appeals been made to the state judicial board? State Attorney General?

    As a woman, this case not only enrages me b/c I’ve seen too often nice men turned into hostile, paranoid men afraid of getting too close, and also because false claim of abuse / rape / etc. just makes it that much worse for those who have legitimate claims!!

    You know, there is some truth to the old adage, “if you’d have just shot [her] you’d be out of jail by now.”

    • Dr Tara J. Palmatier

      Hi TGI,

      Jackson can keep her robe, but I think she should definitely be disbarred. And then tarred and feathered. Well, okay, maybe not tarred and feathered, yet . . .

      My enraged-o-meter is spiking, too.

  5. bubbajoebob

    Joel, keep up the good fight.

    Doc, thank you for staying with this.

    • Dr Tara J. Palmatier

      Hi BBJ,

      I’m honored to be able to help the Lt Col and hope we can get some real results.

      Thank you for staying with this case, too. I know how supportive you’ve been and continue to be.

  6. Mellaril

    To the misfortune of Lt Col Kirk and his children, his wife hit the “trifecta.” She landed a Cluster B apologist therapist, free enabling attorneys, and a sympathetic judge. I hope that eventually she gets what she truly deserves.

    What I cannot get my head around is the people that defend and advocate for her and others like her and are willing to sacrifice others to appease her. How can anybody with the faintest sense of decency force innocent people to endure abuse so the abuser doesn’t feel bad about themself? I understand her. It’s all about her and always will be all about her. That’s the nature of that beast. What boggles my mind is there are people in positions of authority and responsibility that believe it’s all about her. I don’t know how you fight that.

    Please keep us informed of things and if there’s anything the larger community can do. Maybe we can’t win them all but maybe we can help win this one.

    • Dr Tara J. Palmatier


      I know. I don’t get it either. I don’t want to get it anymore, however. I just want to help put an end to it whenever possible.

      Will keep everyone posted regarding real life activities. We’re going to organize a letter writing campaign in the next week. Will post with the information as soon as we get it sorted.

  7. Funky Monk

    I empathize with the Lt. Col., I really do. And worse, I can’t help but feel that his fate may be the same one awaiting me.

    As with him, I thought I was scot-free when I obtained sole custody of my son after my abusive ex-wife had written a potentially suicidal/infanticidal letter almost two years ago (see http://www.shrink4men.com/2011/12/31/a-new-year-story-father-and-son/). But we still needed to go through the formalities of the family court system, in order formalize the custody order, or so I thought. In order to do this, a social worker from the Office of the Children’s Lawyer (OCL) was appointed to determine the supposed “best interests” of my son. I thought this would be a mere formality as I presumed that no one in their right mind would recommend a custody switch to an abusive individual charged with three counts of assault and probable mental health issues with only supervised access at that time.

    But, not only did the OCL worker recommend a custody switch, she advised that sole custody be awarded to the abusive mother, on the false grounds that I was not addressing my son’s medical needs and did not foster access to the abusive mother. The former allegation was levied because I refused to give my son antibiotics for a whooping cough diagnosis that his mother obtained by falsifying symptoms and taking him to the doctor without informing me (ie. my son was not coughing at all during that time period, as observed by his daycare and also by our Children’s Aid Society (CAS) worker, and the doctor who originally prescribed the antibiotics later recanted the diagnosis via a doctor’s note, saying it was based purely upon the mother’s fabrication of symptoms). The latter allegation was because I had not lifted supervised access in 16 months, even though there was no reason to do so because my ex-wife was continuing to breach her probation order by entering the home and attempting reconciliation with me, while breaching her court order by taking my son to the doctor without even informing me.

    So now, despite the recommendation of CAS, multiple psychiatrists and even three previous judges who not only gave me sole custody but never even brought up the notion of lifting supervised access, we are going to trial fight for custody based on the recommendations of one biased and negligent social worker. My ex-wife also has a crazy lawyer who will fight just for the sake of it and is essentially working pro-bono until a settlement is reached. All I need now is a judge comparable to Lori B. Jackson and the axis of evil will be complete. Incidentally, my ex-wife has had unsepervised onernight access 2 days a week since March 2012

    I have had sole custody of my son for almost two years now and he is thriving physically, socially and academically, and I never thought I would be in a position in which I would have to fight in order to maintain sole custody, given the history of our case. But here we are preparing for trial next week with my son’s very life at stake. I only hope that the family court system in my jurisdiction upholds their track-record of jurisprudence and maintains my sole custody order. But, even though irrefutable evidence and stable status-quo is on my side, the fact that I have male genetalia puts my case on more equal footing.

    I just hope I am not put through the wringer as much as the Lt. Col. was. :-(

  8. Paul Elam

    Good work, Dr. T

    And to all here at Shrink4men. As some of you know by now, this article has been cross posted to avoiceformen.com. I am working with Dr. T on this effort at restoring some justice for Lt. Col. Kirk. and his children.

    I am here now to make and appeal to those of you expressing outrage at this outrageous story, and to those of you shocked by its contents but who have not posted your reaction.

    Please become a part of the advocacy on behalf of Lt. Col. Kirk. In the coming days we will be posting links to officials, media contacts and others that you can forward your thoughts to. Please don’t underestimate the value and importance of this.

    Through that kind of advocacy we have forced justice to be served on behalf of others like Gordon Smith and Vladek Filler. And while it did not make all their problems go away, it served to bring attention to their struggles and exposed the corruption by which they had been victimized.

    The fate of Lt. Col. Kirk, as a father, and the fate of his children, are far from secure. We don’t know precisely what we can do to effect a change in course for them, but we know for sure that our silence will seal his fate.

    When the contacts for media and state functionaries are made available, and they soon will be, please take five or ten minutes from your day and give it to this man who has already given us a career of sacrifice and laying all on the line.

    I cannot imagine that a single man or woman who has ever been negatively impacted by this kind of injustice will fail to respond by raising their voice.

    To those helping, and those who will, thank you.

  9. cuatezon

    Sad story. Instead of ‘Lt. Colonel’ insert ‘Private First Class’ or ‘Joel Kirk, grocery store clerk’ and imagine the probable lack of interest on the public’s part and the increased pummelling he would be receiving from the courts, the attorneys, the psychologists etc. If he hadn’t had the camera on during the blowout what would have happened?

    Many men lived/are living very similar experiences. There are several facts of this case that parallel my situation.

    To be honest, we need many more women to speak up on men’s behalf. Men’s voices aren’t heard in the halls of justice, or we don’t do as good a job of standing up for ourselves against these psycho-evil women in the public domain. I don’t know, I just know it needs to all stop, now.

  10. cuatezon

    P.S. The article hit on something key for me too – being naive. I used to believe in my heart all women (every single one of them) were motherly, kind, sensitive, and would never do anything to hurt anyone else or be selfish. Women were the nurturers and it was men who caused the problems. I came from the midwest small-town mentality too, and unfortunately continue to live very painful experiences similar to the Lt. Col. b/c of my being naive. Thought I was too smart to ever get caught up in these types of situations…alas, my emotional vulnerabilities and the sociopaths deceived me.

  11. scott2harrison

    This is obscene. I see no way that any judge could justify this. That said, what is the judges attitlude toward the military? If she hates them, that could be what is driving this. If so, perhaps it would be a legal reason to have her recused.

  12. PaLee

    As a woman and mother of three, I am incensed by the behavior of the ex, who is clearly a lunatic, the judge, the attorney’s for the ex, the first judge, and all parties who’ve clearly disregarded the “best interest of the children.” Why haven’t the people who’ve been charged with protecting their interests stood up and screamed from the hilltops of WVA? I’m sure, when it all began, the children , as their father did, probably believed the system would take care of them. I’m sure by 14, as it would be hard for a child not to, they clearly know they’ve been betrayed and have become cynical about anyone ever standing up for them or listening to what they need and want. As I’ve had some experience with borderlines, the ex has probably provided an Academy Award winning, Oscar level, performance about how she’s been wronged and Lt. Col. Kirk is everything she herself is! That’s the way of the borderline. It’s clear the people dealing with her know nothing about how good borderlines are at 1) acting, and 2) lying. This ex is a very, accomplished, most excellent liar.

    I know it’s little consolation, but Lt. Col. Kirk not only has put his life up for the Country, he’s giving his life for his children too! I am angered by the fact that this ex doesn’t seem to have one ounce of motherly love for her children. It’s obvious, if the facts of this story are true, that she’s willing to sacrifice, sell, or worse, any well being they may have a chance at to get all the money she can. It leaves me wondering if it would be to her advantage, that she might be the kind of mother who would acutally kill them if they got in the way of what she wants and inconvenienced her life a bit? Has anyone ever broached the subject that the children’s lives actually are in danger when they are with her? I guess Susan Smith’s friends and family didn’t see it coming either when she drowned her two! Heaven help all of these people if physical harm comes to the children while in her care! Unfortunate the same weight of potential damaging harm hasn’t been awarded to their psychological well being.

    Perhaps there is still a chance for some type of justice as there was mention in the story of something going to appeal. I have never heard of such miscarriage of justice. I will follow this story and wish Lt. Col. Kirk well. Is there a method for providng funding for the cause of men such as this soldier and father who have sacrificed to fight for our Country whil at home they are waging war with borderline personality bitches who seem to have sought them out to destroy? Who in the heck needs enemies? Un-friggin’ believable!

    A fried of mine told me I wouldn’t believe it if I read it, and I am still in shock after having read it. The ex, the judge, the ex’s attorneys, all seem to exist in their own personal depth of ignorance, especially Judge Lori B. Jackson. They give real women a very, very bad name. Thank you, Dr. Palmatier for exposing this treason by the court. Again, I will follow this story – please make it known how women who want to support men who’ve been shafted can help. One doens’t attain the rank of Lt. Col. by being the bad guy the ex would have Lori B. Jackson believe. If he were the one with disorders, the military would have vetted him out long, long ago. One lingering question I can’t help but have, from a woman’s perspective as well, is who in the heck is paying the Judge and the ex’s attorneys off? Please, please keep going until all the facts are known.

    • cuatezon

      PaLee, it is unbelievable yet true. Per my earlier post on this article, if he had been a Private First Class or just regular Joe, and not a decorated Lt. Col. in the Air Force, imagine the lack of interest from the public AND the continued pummeling he would be receiving at the hands of his ex-wife, the judge, the psychologists, attorneys, etc. Joe Kirk is fortunate that he’s in a higher level on the social spectrum. Anything less and he would be chewed to pieces outside of the public’s eye.

      At risk of hijacking this article/topic to me – the judge in my case wouldn’t give me custody of my daughter, and, allowed my ex to fight my weekend visitation, despite the fact that I was almost $8,000 (eight thousand dollars) ahead in child support, and the ex was a documented practicing alcoholic, suicide attempt and lock up in local psych ward, and other atrocities/lunatic behavior I don’t have time/room to list here. I’m a fairly successful guy too but not at the level of Lt. Col Kirk…Point being, this stuff is happening all the time its not an isolated incident.

  13. BroiledBunny

    This is just SOOOO horrible. I thought I had it bad.
    I commend the Lt. Col for his self control, restraint, and patience.
    One thing I’ll say that I learned finally was You have to be the 1st to file the EPO.
    Allowing her to file an EPO after being released is just ridiculous.
    The minute you see something like this, with or without children and your spouse or Sig other is in jail, tell the cops I need an EPO!!!

    I’ve experienced many of the exact behaviors of his wife, but thankfully, I
    managed to escape when my now X was arrested and I got a restraining order.
    AND we weren’t married or had kids. I can seee what I might have been in for.

    Sir, I shall say a prayer for you and that your struggle comes to a rightous end.
    Interestingly, as I read the artile and how it says that men from good homes with strong family ties and traditional values make the best targets. Damn, I see that now.

    Please, get this beastly woman out of his life, wallet, and into a mental institution where she can spend out the rest of her years wacked out on Thorazine.

  14. John

    Yet another example of the decline of the fundamentals of Western society, a father gets shafted in every way possible, a family torn asunder and the tearer gets the spoils! What’s new here?

    Never mind this man has put his life on the line (probably more times than he cares to admit), his reward from the very society he has served and protected is to be reduced to servitude by a court system that punishes (more often than not) the victim!

    Dr T if you were diagnosing a person that would do this to another person what would your diagnosis be??

    Lt Colonel Kirk you are dealing with a disordered system ….

    Your advice for your children with regards to marriage maybe timely, I don’t see too many younger people pairing up anymore …… I have two beautiful daughters, both would love to have a boyfriend, there friends are in the same circumstance … Boyfriend drought?? Perhaps it is a silent revolution with younger men? When you consider three generations have passed with this divorce epidemic, what else could a young man think after seeing this happen to his father??

    Statistically guys if you live in the UK your odds are less than chance to have a good outcome, in the US, Canada and Australia your odds are just chance alone for a reasonably happy existence or a complete life changing shit storm …. DO NOT GET MARRIED ….

    Good luck Lt Colonel Kirk I am hoping you will have all this behind you soon and you and your children will resume your lives together …

    • tallwheel

      It’s just sad. I always just wanted to have a happy family like my parents’. Only recently am I beginning to realize how much the odds are against me in ever fulfilling that dream. Maybe feminism stole that opportunity from me.

      When Lt. Kirk got married he was just trying to have his piece of the American dream and have a happy family. It only takes one of the two parents to destroy that dream. Luckily, he seems to have two lovely children, and I hope that they can be protected from this monster and be given the best chance at a happy life possible.

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