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  1. I will do whatever I can for this family, who have suffered such agony at the hands of West Virginia’s feminist family courts. This father must have justice. These children must be removed from the “care” of the monster who calls herself thier mother. This Judge must be fired, and her corruption and support of abuse and child cruelty must never be forgotten. I will not rest until these things are done.

    • Dr Tara J. Palmatier

      Thank you, Anthony. I am sure the Col appreciates it. I spoke with him recently and he’s both touched and honored by the support shown here and AVfM and NCFM.

  2. Mellaril

    A couple of questions:

    Have any of the listed organizations been contacted so far? If so, what was their response?

    Who does Judge Jackson report to under WV law? He/she should be cc’d on correspondence.

    What WV statutes/codes govern the behavior of family court judges, attorneys, expert witnesses, and review of judicial decisions?

  3. Mellaril

    Found the answer to the last one.


    If the judge is out of compliance with something, this looks like where you’d find out what.

  4. robertindc

    This case is an outrage but thinking that judicial codes of conduct or bar associations make a difference is a waste of time. Judge will not reverse him or herself in these matters–needs to go for appeal. And who has the money for that these days.

    Its a sick system from root to branch.

    A good follow up would be not so much the plain fact of the existence of these twisted borderline women but the psychological make up of participants in the family law “system”.

    The other thing to bear in mind–the case of the Lt. Col as egregious as it is is of a piece with virtually any case dealing with a mentally ill woman/borderline. While the details are horrific those of us who have been through the “system” will attest while the details differ the general thrust is all too familiar.

    Very painful to say but I have given up fighting for my daughter in the hands of a borderline. Emotionally and financially draining and long delays and processes that get you nowhere but poor and this only empowers the borderline more. Especially if you are in different cities (never married was a surprise from a couple of dates) working, paying inflated CS travelling to see kid and the visitation is cancelled after spending $500 on airfare and you are on the door waiting to get you kid. The popular image of men being jerks is such a crock–these borderlines and the enabling system are too put it plainly evil.

  5. bubbajoebob

    You know what’s sad? I put the recording on my Ipod. I forgot what it was. I listened to it, and thought, I don’t get it, this sounds normal, just like my ex.

    That’s sad.

  6. vandielenann

    Thank you for providing support for men who are in the same situation as myself. My husband is an emotional abuser and tell me it my problem not his and that need to learn to deal with it or quote “become a better person”. Even though I have supported us for the pass 13 years – he will not look for work.

    I worked as an AmeriCorp volunteer for two years in a Crisis House. While there is a lot of resources for women their is non for men. They would be kicked out of their homes by these abusive women with not thing but the clothes they were wearing. Some time haul off to jail – then when the charges were found not to be true – were told not to go back home because you might make her mad again. What is a person to do.

    Emotional and physical abuse can happen to both genders. I am glad I found this resource and will be passing it on.

    • TheGirlInside

      Like Vandielnann and me, someone who has truly experienced abuse will use it to find compassion and healing for others, rather than use it an an excuse to abuse others.

      A true survivor (and someone who has sought treatment for their part of the equation) will wish for no one else to go through what they’ve been through.

      Inversely, a PDI (BPD,NPD,HPD,Sociopath) will use perceived, infantisimal slights as excuses to unleash unholy terror on their targets (those people they claim to ‘love’).

      Good luck to you and thank you for your efforts to shed light on the monster that is woman-to-man abuse.


  7. In dealings with my most recent clientele, as a registered intern for the state of Fl, I have come across two women, who threw me for a loop in sessions. I just knew something was off, and it wasn’t until I ended services, I have come to see what they suffer with. I will say the BPD, was very aggressive and deliberately tried on several occasions to accost me, to no avail. The HPD was originally a martial counseling experience, what a colossal waste of my time and her husbands. This one is still in the intricate undertakings of she said and she said… therefore it is!

    What, if anything, can we professional do with clients like this? So far, i have tossed them a few referrals and moved on. I have learned what to look for in future clients, and will quickly refer, until I can adequately work with these “scary types.” Honestly, I feel it is a loss of time and energy b/c you deal with some much bull, you walk out wondering if you just came out of a night terror!

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