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  1. Jason

    Excellent read. Reminds me a lot of my ex wife and some of my current crazy wife. Hope this stops men to stop giving in to crazy.

  2. cuatezon

    Wow good piece. ‘Q’ is a combination of some of the Crazies that I’ve dated/was married to. The constant accusations of cheating, while she was the one who cheated, the weird stuff, stalking, etc.

    As I’ve said to others here, be very, very, very grateful you didn’t live together/marry/procreate. That would have been a humdinger. You may not have lived through it.

  3. dis_conn_ect_ed

    Thank you for the comments. 2000 words really is not enough to “share” the “fun” that was Q. The lies, the projecting, the self victimization. You’re absolute right, I did dodge a bullet there. I like to say that “Q puts the F-U in FUN”

    What shocked me was the way the court system treated the situation. The judge would not even read a single email or text message. Especially when her own emails were contradicting her claims in court. There were threats and accusations all in her own words… and still, I was the monster.

    Honestly, I treated her with far more kindness than she deserved… The reason she was so desperate to speak with me after her “visit” was to get me to apologize. She wanted me to take responsibility BEFORE I discovered all she had done. I watched her do this to friends as well, she derived great pleasure from making other people feel sorry for her before they realized how much damage she had really caused. A real sweet heart….

  4. Driver

    The courts still lean in favor of women. We can only hope it gets better over time with this type of exposure (regarding PDs in women).

    As far as red flags:

    A “deal breaker” (for me) is if I find out that a woman has been abused (I’m out). These women have been treated badly and it’s their “comfort zone”. Any other type of treatment (i.e. kindness, respect, etc…) will seem foreign to them. They will look down on you, treat you badly, and see you as a “weak” man.

    Get out before a relationship starts!


    • TheGirlInside

      Truer words were never said! Those who were truly abused do NOT go around wearing it on their sleeves, as some sort of demented badge of honor. They/we make every attempt to ‘not show’ our abusive pasts to others. Uff Da!!

  5. Itza Sekret

    Focused, effective writing, lessons to live by, and all too familiar. My (BP?) ex was/is a young litigator… and was just learning to play the courtroom like a hand of cards. So happy to be free of all that risk!

    Driver’s “deal breaker” is real valuable re: their “comfort zone”. Surely rings true. Our instinct is often to find the good in someone, and try to “rehab” the injury they suffered as a relationship develops. In that regard, our instinct can make real trouble for us.

    • Mattsgottheblues

      My wife is a better actor then this woman. She had the same sob stories about the drunk abusive husband she chose to marry. She had gone on her honeymoon alone because he beat her on their wedding night. This fellow was her high school sweetheart and broke her finger back then. I was angry at her X not even knowing him because there is NO EXCUSE for hitting a woman though I found out later there are plenty of reasons. It was hard to accept that anyone would want to be physically attacked. Until someone tries everything on you to get a physical response and finially just starts begging to get whacked. When you respond by telling them that nothing could ever make you hit a woman and they tell you that there is not a man on earth that she can not provoke in to hitting her and that if I WAS a man I would hit her…that’s when I stopped being angry about her Xs “reported” behavior and began to feel sorry for him. He was found dead in 2010 on his son’s birthday of an apparent accidental overdose! She was executor of his estate and surprised that he had just changed beneficiaries from her name to his brother a month before he died. Six months later she told me she killed him! I Iaughed! We lived an hour away and she reminded me of the day she was on his block at ber dads picking up the boys birthday gift and he lived a few blocks away so she stopped by for her Xs birthday check her son always got from him. She reminded me of how she worked as a hospital nurse and they “snowed” the minutes from death patients. I stopped laughing by then. Her well thought out story was backed by means, method, and motive. And she followed with “this could happen to you!” Nothing could be proven. I began to record everything. .informed her shrink and local police and my family is scared to death for me. I don’t have a natural fear of death or I wouldn’t have stayed. Since then she has been comitted twice for 3 day evals and found sane. She poisoned my medication once and set traps that if not found would have hurt me badly. But she has everyone on her social side that she loves me. My sister send me s book called “boundries” but BPDs don’t recognize any. I must spend my productive time studying why I love someone this crazy. Reading the BPD symtoms and stories from the real victims makes me feel like her life story was written out in advance. She would make a great study for some emenent psychology professor having psychotic episodes and the other mix of textbook disorders and the skill and intelligence to fool so many people including professionals.

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